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How long do I need to use an antibiotic cream?

- If your donor area has healed within 5 days after the operation, you do not need to continue using antibiotic creams.

How long should I wear a hat after hair transplantation?

-We recommend that you use the hat we gave you for 10 days after hair transplantation.

When can I do sports after the operation?

-You should wait at least 1 month to start exercising after the operation.

Should I wash my head every day after hair transplantation?

You should wash your head every day for 1 month after hair transplantation.

When can I remove my bandage after hair transplantation?

-You must wash your head on the second day after the operation. The bandage is removed before washing your head and does not need to be reused afterwards.

How long do I need to use a special shampoo?

You should use the shampoo we recommend for 1 month. After you are sure of the health of your hair and head area, you can continue to use the shampoo you always use.

When can I have sexual intercourse after hair transplantation?

-There is no restriction on sexual intercourse after the operation, it is recommended not to spend a lot of effort.

Can I use a different product other than the recommended ones?


- Youshould carefully examine the content of the products you will use, and choose natural products that do not harm you, do not contain parabens.

What about a haircut after a hair transplant?

-You can have your hair cut 1 month after the operation. However, the transplanted hair can only be cut with scissors.

What should I do if swelling occurs?

-Swelling is normal, don't worry. You can apply ice for 10 minutes every two hours and gently massage your head. The swelling will disappear in a few days.

Are the drugs used after hair transplantation taken in hand luggage on the plane?

-No, it is not taken, so you should check your medicines. You can bring 4 x 100 ml empty bottles with you and fill these bottles with the products we provide.

Do I need to stay in the hospital after the operation?

-No, you can return to your home or hotel on the same day.

Will my newly grown hair look natural after the operation? Will it be obvious that I had a hair transplant?

- When the operations are performed by professional and experienced physicians, the person will have natural-looking hair. Smile Hair is a reliable clinic in this regard.

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